Crazy Girls: Ava Devine, Part 2

Posted on January 30th, 2007 in Pornstars by P. Weasels

I think Ava Devine is cute. As porn stars go, she has a sweet face. She’s almost always smiling, and when she’s not, she looks like she’s trying to figure out what would make you happier – chocolate chip cookies or a nice blowjob. She also has a great body, even if you’re not a fan of big fake tits (she recently went through breast reduction surgery, after any number of augmentations). And it doesn’t take more than one scene to see that she really likes what she does.

Here’s the thing about Ava Devine, though. She’s crazy. If you’ve read Crazy Girls: Ava Devine, Part 1 or watched this video of Ava Devine at AVN, then you might already know that.

While I was researching her before the interview, I read a story about her in which she more or less had to be stopped from breaking into a fire station and accosting the fire crew. You know how people in the porn industry are always giving interviews in which they say “I love huge cocks” or “I just love fucking sooo much” and you kind of get the feeling that either somebody wrote that for them and they never said it at all or they’re just parroting the words because they know the fans want to hear that kind of thing? I don’t think Ava Devine is that kind of person. I think Ava Devine really wants to fuck midgets, handicapped guys, and freaks. I think she really wants to get fisted, gangbanged, and everything else she told me in the interview, a lot of which didn’t make it on the site.

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Other things that didn’t go in the story: she loves to role-play, and she doesn’t care if she’s dominant or submissive. She just likes the play. In my book, that’s cool – it takes a special kind of person not to get caught up in the role-definition bullshit that bedevils the world of kinky sex. It’s nice to talk to somebody who doesn’t feel like she has to identify as a top or a bottom or a switch – she’s just somebody who likes to have fun. Also, she says she thinks she’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, which is twisty but endearingly perverse. I’m not sure what all the ramifications are, but don’t you find that charmingly convoluted, considering how it comes out? Lastly, and this was too good not to put in the story, she said that if she could have any superpower in the world, she would choose the ability to make people have spontaneous orgasms. “Think about it – some crabby clerk behind the counter is having a bad day and you could give him an orgasm? Boom – think about how nice that would make him!”

She was at once the sweetest girl and the dirtiest cock slut (and I mean that in the most flattering way) that I have yet talked to. I felt like she would have given me a blowjob just to be nice if it had been an in-person interview instead of a phone call. She takes A) multiple cocks in the ass and B) community college classes so she can become a sex therapist, and both of them are for the same reason – so she can help everybody have good sex. What’s cuter than that?

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Crazy Girls: Ava Devine, Part 1

Posted on January 29th, 2007 in Pornstars by Miss Bounce

There are some crazy girls in porn (there are some crazy guys, too, but I honestly just don’t care about them). Some of them are just a little odd, and some of them are literally buggy, but there are some who are so crazy that it goes beyond head-shaking and just becomes charming. Penny Flame, donkey-puncher, is one of them.

Ava Devine, who I recently saw attempting to pull a man’s boxer shorts off him through the fly of his pants, is another.

I talked to Ava Devine recently on the phone – an interview with her for a star piece – I found out recently that she’s one of the most-searched stars on the site. I don’t know what time period that covers or what, but for what amounts to a second- or third-tier porn star, it’s pretty good. Ava’s one of those girls you see in a lot of gonzo movies because she has a lot of different attributes that fit into niche markets.

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She’s thirty-two, so she’s in demand for MILF movies. She has one of those sets of fake tits that are so big they’re like cartoons (and somehow so big that they escape their own gravity, the gravity that makes people wince at fake boobs and talk about how awful they are) so she gets a lot of work in busty girl movies. She’s half Chinese and half Italian, so she gets work in Asian-themed movies (and would presumably get lots of work in Italian themed movies if they made them). She has, in her own words, a very loose asshole, which doesn’t sound like a virtue until you consider her self-avowed love of unreasonably large cocks, which produces a suitability for anal and double-anal scenes. She absolutely loves sucking cock, which is another plus.

So she’s not lacking for opportunity, especially when you consider that Ava also works as an escort in Vegas, at a rate of around two thousand dollars an hour, which is not inconsiderable; unless you are Jenna Jameson or Amy Reid, think about how long it would take you to earn two thousand dollars.

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Is It Just Me?

Posted on January 26th, 2007 in Porn Thoughts by Miss Bounce

DeepI didn’t take any pictures of Arrow’s Deep Throat muscle car while I was on the floor at the AEE. Apparently I am the only person with a camera who failed to get a shot of the 1974 Corvette Stingray that bears a giant replica of the cover art for the legendary porn movie. The Arrow people say they’ve done more than a few TV interviews sitting in the car, and that it was a hugely popular attraction for convention-goers, and it’s not like I didn’t notice it. Although there were bigger vehicles on the floor and flashier booths with more noise and lights, the ‘Vette was bright yellow, and who misses a Corvette, especially one that has a painting of a porn boxcover on it? The thing is, though, the porn boxcover was exactly the reason I didn’t take a picture.

Although I have been around for a while, I am not, I guess as jaded as I might be, and the very first thing that struck me when I looked at it was that it was certainly interesting, if not outright tasteless, that Arrow would use a car to promote a movie starring a woman who died not long ago in a car accident. Like flying an airplane around the country to promote the fiftieth anniversary of The Buddy Holly Story, or painting a picture of Steve Irwin on a stingray. Not a Corvette, just the animal.

And no-one else seems to have considered this at all.

Am I wrong in thinking that’s tasteless (the Linda Lovelace thing, not the Steve Irwin joke)? Or is it so far eclipsed by porn’s day-to-day gaucherie that it’s not even worth thinking about?

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Listening to Larry Flynt

Posted on January 25th, 2007 in Porn People by Miss Bounce

Hustler LogoLarry Flynt sounds like he is crying when he talks (even more so when he is actually crying); his voice is weird, in the oldest sense of the word, almost eerie, guttural and high-pitched at the same time. My first instinct, when he came on stage at the 2007 AVN award show, was to remember exactly what he sounds like so that I could imitate him later, but I stopped thinking about that after listening to him talk for a while, because what he had to say actually kind of made me tear up a little.