Porn stars wrestling

Posted on May 30th, 2008 in GameLink by admin

I spoke to Annie Cruz today – she’s involved in’s Ultimate Surrender wrestling tournament. On June 5th, she goes up against the Adrianaconda (Adriana Nicole), who tops her by only an inch but has thirty pounds and a cup size on her. She’s not worried, though. I can’t tell you why (it’s not up to me to do the smack-talking), but my own theory involves piercings. Don’t forget to think good thoughts for one or the other of them, whichever you prefer, next Thursday.

Masturbation Month

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Oh yes, it is National Masturbation month again – you can finally get out the lube and porn that you’ve been hoarding since last May. It’ll be a relief to get to it again, won’t it?

If you feel like you’re a little rusty and need some inspiration, check out Beautiful Agony.

No explicit sex, not even any nudity, but it’s one of the hottest sites around. Cameras focus on the faces – and only the faces – of people getting themselves off, one at a time. Subtle, elegant, and fascinating.

GameLink’s Technorati Profile

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Porn Quote of the Week. Maybe the Year.

Posted on May 22nd, 2008 in Porn Movies,Pornstars by P. Weasels

I feel like my tolerance for Nick Manning has undergone some weird alchemical change. I used to dread the end of a Nick Manning scene, with the inevitable terrible freight – Manning snarling “Droppin’ fuckin’ loads!!!” as he basted some girl’s face – but after watching Spunk’d, particularly the behind the scenes footage, I find myself skipping to the ends of his scenes to see what he says in addition to the load-dropping commentary.

My new favorite so far: the end of his scene in the new Vivid movie, i-Rock. In addition to asking, almost while he’s still shooting, “Where’s my robe? Bastards!“, Manning looks at the two girls rubbing their jizz-laden tits together, growls “You don’t need me to be here for this!” and stalks off.

I can’t wait for whatever’s next.

Twittergasms Are Happening – Social Cuming Has Begun!

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In a bold statement of coming out pro-masturbation, twitterers all over the world have begun to use popular social micro-blogging platform Twitter to publicly announce their orgasms. As part of National Masturbation Month, launched a new campaign in partnership with the Center for Sex and Culture to encourage people to begin using a new “secret code” to post to their Twitter profiles when they masturbate: JOSW (jacking off, so what? ) or ICSW (I came, so what?). A full explanation of the campaign, including a background on what Twitter is can be found at Masturbate-a-Thon Twitter page.

Dubbed a “twittergasm” by Stacie Adams,’s Social Media Coordinator, users have begun posting JOSW regularly, and ISCW whenever they come. Since the launch of the campaign in early May, 2008 over 100 such posts have been made according to Tweetscan’s popular tracking service that showed 43 instances of the use of JOSW and 66 instances of the use of ICSW in May, as of May 20th. To date, over 70 Twitterers have joined the profile established to launch the twittergasm phenomenon,

Reporters and other interested parties can track the twittergasms by subscribing to this RSS feed: or by visiting

In other Social Sex news, nearly 100 Facebook users have become fans of the Masturbate-a-Thon Facebook page, and have begun posting stories about masturbation for all to see. “This is a sure sign that support for lifting the fear, shame and embarrassment formerly associated with masturbation is finally occurring after decades of work by sexual freedom pioneers like Betty Dodson and Dr. Carol Queen,” said Stacie Adams. created it’s own FaceBook Page and created a Best Lube for Masturbate-a-Thon gift application to allow users to send messages about the features of certain Lube products to help educate users about this important sex-education effort.