Meet Cassidey (then introduce her to me)

Posted on June 27th, 2008 in Lesbians by Gram


The porn star Cassidey is a fascinating person. Mercurial! Loopy! Dangerous! Once a Vivid girl, once a Ninnworx girl, Cassidey made a movie for the latter company before it imploded that gives her the full “Gia”-esque glam-predatrix treatment, which seems apt. I hope she comes by and visits us at Gamelink to upend our sensibilities.

In the journey of discovery that is “Meet Cassidey,” the devil-may-care Jessica Harper lookalike encounters, among others, Samantha Sin and Celeste Star. These are good people to know.. The vignettes don’t involve pizza guys or pool cleaners or Bevery Hills bordellos, just sex in warehouses which, according to The New York Times, are the “new sexual destination.” I just made that up, but it’s true.

Cassidey reminds me a little bit of Chloe, another unconventional porn star who played by her own rules. “Meet Cassidey” is an excellent keepsake in your growing collection of pornophernalia.

Niche Alert: Prima Nocta with Sienna West

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sienna west

Nurses, Cheerleaders, Babysitters, Asians, the Azz: niches and fetishes are the hallmark of Porn 2.0. But I thought that the niche reservoir was drying up after low-wattage celebrities were thrown into the mix. Thank God I was wrong.

Produced by Kelly Madison, “Porn Star Brides” suggests that a wedding dress might be the new tramp stamp, as Sienna West (pictured), Eva Angelina, and Brooke Banner each don dresses and, just as quickly, get fucked right out of them in five vignettes.

At first, the movie plays like a cheesy wedding video by your pimply high school AV geek cousin. In the segment “Punk Rock Bride,” Sienna West intones in a halting voiceover against a backdrop of fluttering rose petals and white satin:

“Ever since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember. All I wanted to do was get married. To the man that I love. To the man of my dreams. But now that I’m married. All I want to do is (and here the gauzy lighting and tranquil music change) Fuck.”

Ryan Madison (Kelly’s husband/lucky bastard) plays the groom in each vignette, and Kelly is (uncharacteristically) nowhere to be found.

This Is What Life Was Like in the Seventies

Posted on June 25th, 2008 in Porn for Women,Porn Thoughts by P. Weasels

This kind of thing worked. You kids these days, you don’t understand.

Topless Soccer

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Austria defeats Germany, 10-5, in topless soccer. It’s not the World Cup, but who cares?

I don’t recognize any of them, but Reuters says they’re porn stars. Good enough!

nude European girls

European babes

topless soccer

Porn Quote of the Day

Posted on June 20th, 2008 in Porn Movies,Pornstars by P. Weasels

Nick Manning again – go figure – this time with a double whammy from Busting the Babysitter:

#1 – “On your knees, and polish my helmet, wife!”

#2 – “I know what you want – you want me to box your clown!”

Busting the Babysitter