Of course Ava’s gonna help build a wall

Posted on July 25th, 2008 in Porn People by Gram

ava pink

This picture of Angel of the Battlefield Ava Rose ministering to the needs of Marco Banderas in “Hello Nurse!” made me think of an “LP” that I viewed at my grandfather’s house. Ava, Ava, what has become of you?

Rose is no longer an Adam & Eve contract player but we look forward to all her endeavors, especially if they involve solving crimes like the search and rescue of her lost pants.

Does anybody else in here feel the way I do?

Also attending to the sick in this movie is Annette Schwarz. The saucy German was probably indifferent to Pink Floyd’s postwar England subject matter.

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People all over the world: start a Girl Train

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Girl Train 1

Not that she’d do it, but I think that if Belladonna said, “Grams, I am going to steal your car and total it in Mexico,” I would seriously think about letting her do it. That’s how charming she is.

This is why we can forgive anything, and willingly suspend our disbelief, when she asks us to accept that she, Dana DeArmond, and Bobbi Starr are having a sleepover truth or dare session when any goddamn person knows that none of those people needs the pretense of a “dare” to do any of the filthy things they do on this 2-disc set. Especially when it is clearly broad daylight.

Girl Train 2

I suppose the American Sleepover Truth or Dare Council might be peeved, but I expect you to roll right over this. I mean, look at how happy they are.

In the extensive research undertaken to provide just the right title for this shameless display of porno-Sapphic exertions, I happened on this very funny animation to the O’Jays’ song “Love Train.”

(Look at it here.)

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Wife Training

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It’s hard to know how seriously to take this. My instinct says not too seriously, but I know some people who would absolutely blow a gasket at the idea that it was funny at all, let alone serious. On the other hand, those are the people I. B. Wright would most likely say needed it most. Hmmm…do I know any recently married people who could use a book on how to tame a wife?

Phrase of the Day

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Obama Sutra, from the newly revitalized Lukeisback site.

We Applaud “Geek Girlsex” for the Effort

Posted on July 23rd, 2008 in Amateur by Gram

kara tai

Kara Tai is working on some XHTML on her iBook and needs to call in a tech for help. In Silver Sinema’s “Geek Girlsex” (which does a good job of mimicing the Geel Squad logo), girls with glasses make a very good effort at incorporating video games and computer jargon into their porn.

So even if one doesn’t format XHTML, I’m not going to give anyone a hard time for trying.

Buy the video here.