Your daughter spotted in 69

Posted on December 18th, 2008 in Porn Thoughts by Gram

I feel like an archaeologist who, seeking Anasazi potsherds, instead found a working pterodactyl.

Like a white elephant or a two-headed goat, the 69 is a rare thing. With the rare exception of the Standing 69 as perfected by Lee Stone and tiny porn starlets that the big lug will upend as if about to shake out a vacuum cleaner bag, the original missionary 69 is something I have never seen in a porn movie. Until now.

A 69 pops up between Anthony Rosano and Juicy Pearl in the New Sensations movie “Daughter I’d Like to Fuck.” A propos of nothing and finished soon after it started, the 69 appeared like the Loch Ness Monster. I was stunned.

The number most associated with something dirty, uttered with attendant winks by wags when the Panda Express address is between 68 and 70, and rattled off thoughtlessly (and without the payoff) by idiot porn directors, everybody references 69s but it seems no one ever does the combo blowjob/fellatio move.

Now that I’ve seen a 69 executed on celluloid, I am fearful that I’m going to stumble on a Dirty Sanchez soon.

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Tori Black – recluse

Posted on December 16th, 2008 in Boobs,Pornstars by Gram

Recently I visited Tori Black on the set of “Not the Cosbys XXX.” I have always found her forthcoming and engaging, but when my photos returned from the chemists I was shocked to see that no images of her face appeared.

But then it became clear: Tori Black isn’t a ghost, I thought, I’m just a sub-par photographer!

And we laughed and laughed.

When The Honest Truth Shines Through

Posted on December 8th, 2008 in GameLink by admin

The very best porn is the kind where honest emotion surfaces, when you see a real orgasm overtake a performer who might not have expected it, or when you see two people who are lovers in real life share an unguarded moment with each other, and maybe us if we’re lucky. There are more emotions than just pleasure, though, and this scene from Chris Rolie’s “Tunnel Butts” is, so far, the first time we’ve ever seen a male performer snap when he’s just had too much from an insufferable shrieking harridan.

The look on Steve Perry’s face in the first picture is what we imagine he looks like, out of frame, in the second – an instant before he just can’t take her torrent of invective any more and just yells at her to “shut the fuck up! Shut the fucking fuck up!” (if your English isn’t very good, it can be hard to express yourself without sounding like a Quentin Tarantino movie). Her own expression in the second picture, of course, speaks for itself. Sometimes when a picture says a thousand words, it’s just “shut the fuck up!” repeated 250 times.

Hanna Hilton pours some “Sugar” on thee

Posted on December 4th, 2008 in ass,Blowjob,Boobs,Hardcore,Pussy by Gram
hanna hilton

hanna hilton

The Vivid movie “Sugar” (not to be confused with Dave Naz’ Vivid movie “Sugar Town” – both released within a month of each other), is a collection of vignettes written by veteran porniste Paul Thomas and directed by Chuck Lords. Without knowing beforehand that Thomas wrote the movie, there was something about its setups that made me think the movie was trying to be a Golden Age-era porn film that was stuck with today’s performers.

This is not a criticism of Hanna Hilton, whose delicious frame is featured in two scenes, but some of the setups didn’t make sense to me, like the girlfriend wanting to meet her boyfriend’s hooker. Maybe this would have some traction in the 70′s, but in a corporate porn setup it seemed out of place. Only Kelly Wells, who seems like a throwback to the unrestrained but souped-up plain janes common to early-70′s porn seemed at place in the film.

And what does the title “Sugar” mean?

Despite these concerns, watching “Sugar” (and Hanna Hilton, Wells, and Lorena Sanchez, especially) was sweet.

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No more information about Magdalene St. Michaels

Posted on December 1st, 2008 in adult2.0,MILF,Porn Thoughts by Gram

I received a press release recently about BritMILF Magdalene St. Michaels. It was one of those PRs from the hundreds of fly-by-night PR hacks that emerge in Porn Valley and just as quickly fade away when unemployment runs out. But something about this woman was – as you will doubtless agree – compelling.

Nominated for AVN’s 2009 award for Best MILF Performance, St. Michaels is so new to the business that she does not yet have any credits here at Gamelink. But the press release encouraged deeper digging.

St. Michaels who originally comes to us from the United Kingdom, had a fairly successful career in the mainstream industry, before entering the adult film business. St. Michaels has appeared in such films as “Executive Decision” opposite Kurt Russell and Steven Segal, and “Turk 182” with Timothy Hutton.

I looked up both those films on the Internet Movie Database and was not surprised to find no mention of Magdalene St. Michaels, but I could also not find any mention under any name of an actress who worked on both films.

St. Michaels is certainly beautiful and her accompanying photos are of a quality not often seen in porn, but who is she really?

I wasn’t expecting her to have top billing (else her turn to porn be more of a story, like when Britney Spears eventually gets here), but it was odd to me that even in the uncredited extras section there was no overlap. Why have your publicist tell people you were in “Turk 182″ when it can’t be proven?

But in the credits for “Executive Decision,” made 11 years after “Turk 182,” I found photographs of this person, who looks remarkably similar to me.

I will update this story when I get more information.