Larry Flynt is Ryder Skye’s Ace in the Hole

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Ryder Skye in Soul in the Hole
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The way Ryder Skye tells it, it sounds like she charmed Larry Flynt into a boxcover.

“I just wanted to meet Larry Flynt,” Skye said recently, and so I made a couple of calls to people I knew at Hustler and, after the (2009) AVN show, I got invited to his office.”

Just so you know, Larry Flynt doesn’t pop in on photo shoots and he doesn’t show up at Porn Star Karaoke; seeing Larry Flynt in his office at LFP’s Dark Tower on Wilshire Blvd. is the porn version of getting an audience with the Pope.

“So he was very charming and we talked about this and that,” Skye said, “and then he asked me if I’d ever worked for them before. So I rattled off a couple of things (such as “This Ain’t Gilligan’s Island XXX” and also a Van Styles scenes I had done more than a year ago that I hadn’t seen on video yet.”

Ryder Skye interracial

After some more pleasantries she left, and later heard from director Stylez that Flynt had placed a call about the movie’s whereabouts. Hustler has enough porn in its vaults to survive nuclear winter. If you thought ClubJenna and Vivid sat on their content for years, they’ve got nothing on Larry.

“Anyway, three weeks later Soul in the Hole comes out and I’m on the cover,” said Skye. “I’m as surprised as anybody.”

Claire Dames
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The interracially groovy “Soul in the Hole” also stars Claire Dames.

Did you bust a move on Larry?

“No, but he gave me a little kiss when I left,” Skye said. “It was very sweet, and I was a little star struck.”

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Tampa is for (bukkake) lovers

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You know, after watching several videos from Florida-based Dirty D, I have determined that the Magic Kingdom is Tampa, not Disneyworld. It seems like everyone in the metro Tampa area is either some ripe, loser-loving stripper or some aw shucks, stripper-loving loser. My question is, What am I doing being a loser all the way out here when I could be battling gators and depositing loads on strippers?


Don’t get me wrong: to watch the juicy Candi Apple shade her mouth under the overhanging guts of the faceless men who crowd their cocks around her is to watch someone in the throes of being Superficially Bright. No one could be convinced that this is what Ms. Apple would rather be doing for the thousand bucks she might have received that day. But there is no doubt that she looks good doing it, and the unspoken agreement between bukkake pitcher and bukkake catcher is that she is loving every minute of it.

Tampa bukkake
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“Crash Pad” and Madison Young win big in Feminist Porn Awards

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Good for Her, a Toronto-based couples’-friendly sex shop, honored several titles available on Gamelink last week at its 4th annual Feminist Porn Awards.

See the Flickr gallery here.

I’m kind of a lazy porn viewer because I get all this stuff sent to me (and I’m not complaining), so my frame of reference is limited to companies with hard-working marketing departments. So I’d never heard of a few of these films and am looking forward to seeing them, based simply on the fact that the choices I have seen were so special.


Below are a few of last week’s honorees:

Hottest Kink Movie
Perversions of Lesbian Lust Vol.1 | Madison Young; Madison Bound Productions


Steamiest Trans Scene
Crash Pad Series 2- Unlocked | Shine Louise Houston; Pink and White Productions

(San Francisco’s Blowfish Video makes excellent porn, and this series, currently at three titles, is groundbreaking and inventive and sexy no matter what the viewer’s orientation. See my Crash Pad Volume 2 review.)

Sexiest Straight Movie
Intense Desires | Eli Cross ; Lennox Films

Sexiest Dyke Movie
One Night Stand (Pour Une Nuit) | Emilie Jouvet; Hyst Productions

(See my One Night Stand review.)


Heartthrob of the Year
Dylan Ryan | For work in Strap-on Motel, Sex Mannequin, Crash Pad Series Volume 3, Champion, Perversions of Lesbian Lust: Volume 1 and Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco.

(I’d never thought of having a crush on Dylan Ryan but, Yes – isn’t she a delightful person?)

Heartthrob of the Year
Tyler Knight | For work in Chemistry 4 and Intense Desires

Indie Porn Pioneer
Madison Young

Movie of the Year
Champion | Shine Louise Houston; Pink and White Productions

(We haven’t seen this yet, but people we like say it’s fantastic.)

Honorable Mentions:
Voluptuous Biker Babes | Carlos Batts; Adam and Eve Pictures

(See an appreciation here.)

We’ll be following the Feminist Porn Awards from now on; it’s nice that, even though they think outside of the box, they are still as interested as I am in boxes.

Visit Good for Her

Miss Lucifer: Hell (and/or Europe) Is Where the Party Is

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Miss Lucifer is a new Belgian porn company that mixes vibrant colors with scene-long house music to create what we are calling Club Porn. Their first feature, Hell Is Where the Party Is has just been released stateside after being nominated for Best Foreign Release in this January’s AVN awards.

Theire next feature, “Malice in Wonderland,” will be shot in the United States and stars Sasha Grey.

Gamelink spoke with Miss Lucifer director Louis Xypher in as many languages as possible.

Gamelink: What hole (pardon the pun) do you fill in the adult business? Why start a porn company in this economy?

Miss Lucifer: The market screams for more tailormade products for the younger MTV generation. This audience is tired of low-budget, homemade porn and standard dull decors.

By pushing up the standards and giving the Miss Lucifer productions a more contemporary look, with high energy in musicvideo style, we tried to make adult more accessible to the younger crowd, both guys and girls. In this time of recession, people tend to stay at home more than they used to. They buy a big HD television and enjoy good movies in the comfort of their own homes.

We know that the audience is demanding and in times like these, it keeps us sharp to only deliver the best quality possible. Coming from the music industry where tight budgets are common nowadays, we are used to push our limits in productions without overspending.

Gamelink: How long did it take to shoot “Hell Is Where the Party Is”?

Miss Lucifer: The decors were specially designed and built by a very creative team in a timeframe of 1-2 months. The production of the movie ‘Hell is Where the Party is’ (HIWTPI) took us about two weeks filming.

The part of editing and postproduction was most timeconsuming due to the fast cuttings and intensive colorgrading and took 2 months.

Gamelink: The music works so well with the scenes it seems like it was written for that purpose. Did the music come first or the scenes? What influenced what?

Miss Lucifer: We first worked on the theme and art direction of the seven chapters and decided on which type of music fitted to each scene. The record company Mostiko/CNR/Roadrunner did a good job advicing us on this.

While shooting we played pumping music that fitted the atmosphere in order to stimulate the right rhythm of filming and performing. After the shoot, the record company gave us access to their whole catalogue to choose the right music for each scene. Then we made a selection of the music that fitted best for every scene. Atmosphere was the key driver.

Each picked song was then cut and looped in a basic way by Xypher for the lenght of each scene, so he could start the first draft edit.

The edited scene with the temporary music was then remixed and rearranged by the record company in the music studio to finish the soundtrack, so Xypher could make the final editing.

Only for the scene “Hypnotise me” with Sylvia Saint and Jennifer Stone, producer Sven van Hees composed a new song especially for this movie.

So basically it is a synergy between the music and the scenes which makes it such a powerful combination.

Gamelink: “Malice” will be your sophomore effort; what have you learned from the filming of “Hell”?

Miss Lucifer: We learned a lot on filming HIWTPI. To make a first adult movie and trying to make something different was not easy at all.

The most challenging, is not only to make a film that looks good, but to make an adult movie that is sexy and horny.

Gamelink: The movie itself is horny? Merde!

Miss Lucifer: Furthermore we shot HIWTPI on HD and we believe that we can create even better results by filming on 35 mm. The story of Malice will be much more “rock n roll” and 35 mm is the best choice for that. The other difference is that HIWTPI was All Sex and Malice is going to be one big story with a lot of sex in it.

Gamelink: Is there a European sensibility in porn that is distinct from the American porn producer? If so, how will that manifest itself in your upcoming production(s) here in Los Angeles?

Miss Lucifer: That’s a tough one. We’ve tried to combine a little bit of both; the European edginess with the American glamour. That is why we are looking forward to have our upcoming production in L.A. to work with a mixed Euro-American crew.

We have our own style, which is maybe hard to define, but we aim to target at a broad audience, both American and European. If it will manifest in our production of “Malice,” it is that you will get the best of both!

Rayveness does the Greatest Generation

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Rayveness in Torn
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I just saw one of those porn movies that was just great with the sound down.

Carolina Jones, Tailgunners, and now Torn: while it’s true that certain types of women look great in 40′s fashion (Ava Rose, Carmen Luvana, and the gorgeous Rayveness), I think we should declare a moratorium on WWII-era porn. Come to think of it, after watching Wicked’s Coming Home and New Sensations’ Hearts And Minds, I think all porn movies dealing with war should be discharged.

Shot in 2005 (but just released now for business reasons I don’t care to investigate – you’ll thank me), Torn is a beautifully shot, beautifully costumed, and very expensive-looking high gloss adult feature that nevertheless makes the mistake of giving Holly Wellin dialogue and assuming that viewers care to get a history lesson with their adult features.

Rayveness in Torn

Rayveness is a female company owner whose husband is away (or dead) at war. She looks absolutely delightful in or out of polka dots, as do Penny Flame, Felix Vicious (who left porn more than two years ago), and Wellin.

But Torn is one of those head-scratchers of porn movies that gets everything right but the acting (which, when you get right down to it is, if you’ve got to jettison one thing in a porn movie, is that one thing). And even though most of the cast act very well (including Randy Spears and Steven St. Croix), Wellin was miscast as a 40′s career gal; she really should not have opened her mouth in this movie unless a cock was to be placed in it (luckily, one was).

Rayveness, on the other hand, now in her 20th year as an adult performer, occasionally lets a little belle out.

“When I talk to my grandmother back in North Carolina, the lilt comes out,” said Rayveness about her very faint but charming Southern accent.

Watch Rayveness in Torn Now

That Torn was made in 2005 is puzzling; it seems like it would have been right at home in 1985, when porn companies threw in storylines just because they were still afraid of getting busted. My suggestion? Turn down the sound on Torn and play the soundtrack to Stephen Speilberg’s “1941″; both movies will be tremendously improved.