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Didn’t get tickets to the 2010 AVN Awards? You can still follow the Award Ceremony live online!

Visit our 2010 AVN Awards Page to follow the action live as the porn stars and porn enthusiasts attempt to take over Twitter with the hashtag #AVNAwards. The ceremony starts at 9:30PM and will be hosted by Kayden Kross and Kirsten Price, who will be joined by comic Dave Atell and artist Baby Bash.

Other stars in expected at the awards are Tera Patrick, Belladonna, Sasha Grey, Kylie Ireland, Teagan Presley, Sierra Skye, Taryn Thomas, Wendy Williams, Andy San Dimas, Tori Black, Kristina Rose, Isis Taylor, Kagney Linn Karter, Jesse Jane, jessica drake, Kiara Diane, Courtney Trouble, Dylan Ryan and more of your favorite stars!

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Pornstar Tweet Vol. 1 – Sex in 140 Characters or Less

Posted on July 17th, 2009 in adult2.0,Porn Movies by Willa Sinclair

This week was a big week for Twitter, the social-networking-messaging-mirco-blogging-possibly-too-much-information-revolutionary free service giant: first their administrative accounts were hacked, their important documents and dirty laundry hung out to dry for public consumption, and now there is a porn movie, Pornstar Tweet Volume 1.

Pornstar Tweet Volume 1
See Pornstar Tweet Vol. 1 on DVD

The movie’s trailer and homepage prove both the stratospheric popularity of the iPhone and Twitter. Billed as “The most fun you can have in 140 characters,” the movie chronicles the sexual exploits of six sultry pornstars via their Twitter accounts.

When asked about the inspiration of the film, Pete Housely, the CEO of Naughty Tweet, explains that “…someone asked me if people actually were having sex on Twitter – I responded, “That’s a lot of pressure in 140 characters! That led to a spirited conversation about what that would look like and well here we are… “

While the trailer for the film might look more like a cross between action from Last Night’s Party or CobraSnake photos, and the weird night cam footage from One Night in Paris, the film itself is upbeat and filled with bouncing young porn stars, many of whom aren’t yet out of their teens.

The film has scenes enough for most tastes:two solo scenes featuring Nikki Benz and getting themselves off with a variety of adult toys, Britney Stevens doing anal, fresh teen star Kate Knox hooking up with Porno Dan, another teen pornstar Tara Lynn Foxx hooking up with Ralph Long, and in the dirtiest scene of the film, French nympho Natasha Nice getting nasty with four guys in a parking lot.

Most intriguingly, the film aims to make new connections between the porn stars and their fans, casting only women who are active on Twitter and Naughty Tweet. There is a large community of pornstars who already use Twitter to connect with their fans – stars like Belladonna, Dana DeArmond, Madison Young, Joanna Angel and James Deen come to mind – but this film might be the first to use Twitter as a cross-promotional vehicle as well as casting tool, as the company behind the aggregator Pornstar Tweets was involved in the production of what could be called the tie-in film. Either way, the fans and the girls both win.

No more information about Magdalene St. Michaels

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I received a press release recently about BritMILF Magdalene St. Michaels. It was one of those PRs from the hundreds of fly-by-night PR hacks that emerge in Porn Valley and just as quickly fade away when unemployment runs out. But something about this woman was – as you will doubtless agree – compelling.

Nominated for AVN’s 2009 award for Best MILF Performance, St. Michaels is so new to the business that she does not yet have any credits here at Gamelink. But the press release encouraged deeper digging.

St. Michaels who originally comes to us from the United Kingdom, had a fairly successful career in the mainstream industry, before entering the adult film business. St. Michaels has appeared in such films as “Executive Decision” opposite Kurt Russell and Steven Segal, and “Turk 182” with Timothy Hutton.

I looked up both those films on the Internet Movie Database and was not surprised to find no mention of Magdalene St. Michaels, but I could also not find any mention under any name of an actress who worked on both films.

St. Michaels is certainly beautiful and her accompanying photos are of a quality not often seen in porn, but who is she really?

I wasn’t expecting her to have top billing (else her turn to porn be more of a story, like when Britney Spears eventually gets here), but it was odd to me that even in the uncredited extras section there was no overlap. Why have your publicist tell people you were in “Turk 182″ when it can’t be proven?

But in the credits for “Executive Decision,” made 11 years after “Turk 182,” I found photographs of this person, who looks remarkably similar to me.

I will update this story when I get more information.

Niche Alert: Prima Nocta with Sienna West

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sienna west

Nurses, Cheerleaders, Babysitters, Asians, the Azz: niches and fetishes are the hallmark of Porn 2.0. But I thought that the niche reservoir was drying up after low-wattage celebrities were thrown into the mix. Thank God I was wrong.

Produced by Kelly Madison, “Porn Star Brides” suggests that a wedding dress might be the new tramp stamp, as Sienna West (pictured), Eva Angelina, and Brooke Banner each don dresses and, just as quickly, get fucked right out of them in five vignettes.

At first, the movie plays like a cheesy wedding video by your pimply high school AV geek cousin. In the segment “Punk Rock Bride,” Sienna West intones in a halting voiceover against a backdrop of fluttering rose petals and white satin:

“Ever since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember. All I wanted to do was get married. To the man that I love. To the man of my dreams. But now that I’m married. All I want to do is (and here the gauzy lighting and tranquil music change) Fuck.”

Ryan Madison (Kelly’s husband/lucky bastard) plays the groom in each vignette, and Kelly is (uncharacteristically) nowhere to be found.

History through the filter of Porn: “Gov Lov”

gov lovMaybe you won’t learn about why disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s dalliances with prostitutes were federal crimes rather than state ones by watching writer/director Stuart Canterbury’s “Gov Lov: The Eliot Splitz-her Story.” Maybe you won’t get an idea of the titters of schadenfraude running through the corridors of the Albany State House at Spitzer’s hypocrisy by watching the porn version.

But you will have front row seats to something that tells you a lot about the time we’re living in nonetheless: a quickie porn turnaround of a breaking news story. And, in the case of “Gov Lov,” a quality production that doesn’t just cash in on Mike Horner’s resemblance to Spitzer but actually sticks (with little need to tarry) to the real story.

“This was a real life situation which unfolded like a porn story for once,” said Canterbury. “The script we shot was practically right off the page.”

Gamelink: How soon after the Spitzer story began unraveling did you put together the script? Did you pitch it to Huster first? How did they respond?

SC: It seemed obvious to me as soon as the initial story was confirmed. I shoot for other studios too, but it seemed like a perfect fit for Hustler from the beginning, and I think that Larry Flynt was thinking the same thing, because the response was quick and positive. Look, I am a registered Democrat, and we always hammer the Republicans at any chance we get, but this was a case where a Democratic ex-prosecutor had behaved hypocritically and deserved to be ridiculed.

Gamelink: You’re a director with a track record; you know what the porn formula is and your movie didn’t get all conceptual and self-distracted, at the same time you stayed true to a porn version of events. Did you tinker with the story/characters or was the movie shot the one you originally wrote?

SC: The actors got into the spirit of things and we improvised some of the comedy.

Gamelink: Did you want Mike Horner to be Splitz-her from the beginning?

SC: I must credit Hustler head of production Drew Rosenfeld with the suggestion to use Mike Horner. Mike and I have worked together for years, in locations as varied as Budapest and Africa, so I was very happy with the idea of casting him. I deliberately wrote the “ballet” scene in the bedroom for him, knowing that he would come up with the physical bits where the Governor is getting ready for his tryst.

Gamelink: Explain the normal porn shoot/turnaround time for a movie of that size as compared to the speedy turnaround time of “Gov Lov.”

SC: Of course, everyone was sensitive to the fact that this was a topical story, and had to get into release quickly to make the most of it. LFP (Larry Flynt Productions, parent of Hustler) moved rapidly to help us get into production as soon as possible.

(note: a typical low budget feature – we’re not talking “Pirates” or “The Fashionistas” – is shot, edited, and released in three months. “Gov Lov” hit the shelves less than one month after the “Client 9″ scandal broke.)

Gamelink: How would you categorize the types of porn movies you normally do?

SC: Some of the movies I have made are more romantic, some more edgy, but porn and comedy go very well together, and it is usually more fun to make something funny, such as a parody. I do not do gonzo projects, but only features with a story line and a softcore version. People will get bored with just watching sex, but everyone gets hooked into a story, or an interesting visual style. Depending on the studio I am shooting for, the content can be very raunchy, but I also like to make sure that we shoot some tease. I find the context of the sex scenes within the dramatic framework and the look of the production to be as titillating as the content itself.

Gamelink: Nice touch on flying in the Albany State House. I am sure that sort of flourish would be left out of lesser projects. Talk a little about your choice to get that image.

SC: I wish I could say it was my idea, but the credit must go to the editor.

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