“Puckered Up”: A “Starship Troopers” of the ass

Posted on September 22nd, 2009 in anal,fetish,Porn Movies,Sasha Grey by gramponante


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Hustler’s “Puckered Up: The Anal Game Show” does not disappoint ass fans. In fact, dearly departed director Richard de Montfort made absolutely sure that each anus (Sasha Grey’s Trinity Post’s, and – pictured – Michelle Avanti’s) got an extreme closeup.

But such clinical rectal inspections had me thinking about the Brain Bug in “Starship Troopers.”

Is Michelle Avanti’s anus controlling my thoughts?

Would that Denise Richards show up in “Puckered Up 2: The MILF Edition.”

Deep Throat – shiny and new again

Posted on April 9th, 2009 in Blowjob,Porn Movies,Porn Thoughts,Sasha Grey by P. Weasels

VCX’s new release of the greatest porn classic ever made, the movie that catapulted porn to a brief but real respectability, brings up something that has nagged at me for years, ever since I saw Deep Throat for the first time. In spite of Linda Lovelace‘s startling ability, I was always much more interested in Carol Connors as the nurse.

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I don’t know why – it wasn’t the nurse uniform or anything, and it’s not like she was a much more interesting performer than Linda Lovelace, but I always thought she was hotter. Linda Lovelace is no ball of fire, looks-wise – Sasha Grey in the more recent adaptation is orders of magnitude sexier as the world’s most orgasmic oralist – but Carol wasn’t especially spectacular either, even for the times.


There was just something riper about her. Maybe it was that there weren’t all that much in the way of conclusive sex scenes – she never gave it all the way up, and the laws of supply and demand came into play. Whatever it was, Carol Connors whas the girl I walked away from Deep Throat with the strongest memory of.

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Sasha Grey — Does she live up to the hype?

Posted on September 26th, 2007 in Porn Thoughts,Sasha Grey by Miss Bounce

Sasha Grey Pornstar Sasha Grey is a hot topic here at GameLink. She’s one of Tera Patrick’s favorite performers and she seems to be the "it" girl of the moment, but is she really all that?

The lines are divided here at GameLink. Some think Sasha Grey is one sexy bitch; others chalk her performances up to overacting drivel. One point of contention is Sasha Grey’s propensity to look at the camera, rather than her sexual partner, during filming. The pro-Sasha stance is that this adds a voyeuristic thrill —

Sasha knows you’re watching, and that gets her off even more. Anti-Sashaites feel that her love affair with the camera takes away from the sensuality of the act itself — Sasha is so disconnected from her partner that it makes difficult to really get engaged in the scene.

Another Sasha Grey controversy is her masterfully dirty mouth. If you’ve ever watched a Sasha Grey movie, you’ve undoubtedly heard her utter "cock" and "my dirty little asshole" in the same sentence. While some consider this overacting, perhaps what it really comes down to is whether you like dirty talk, and what kind of dirty talk gets you off.

One thing is for sure — with her long brown hair and lithe body, Sasha Grey is definitely one to watch.

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