Screening Party Affirms Success of “An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco”

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Press Release

Screening Party Affirms Success of “An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco”

(Chatsworth, CA) – There was standing room only during Saturday night’s screening party for Private Media Group’s “An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco” at Club Kiss in San Francisco, a testament to the buzz that’s been surrounding the film since its June 17th release.

The July 17th soiree commenced with a one hour panel discussion on the contemporary swinging lifestyle, lead by “An Open Invitation” director Ilana Rothman and leading actress India Summer, as well as Club Kiss hosts and “An Open Invitation” cast members Sarah and Chris Kiss, and Carol Queen, grand dame of San Francisco’s progressive sex scene.

While introducing the panel, Carol Queen expressed that “An Open Invitation” brought her back to the golden ages, where adult cinema was vying for a place alongside mainstream cinema.

Club Kiss noted that they’d never seen so many people attend a discussion panel, and while the event was at capacity, several guests commented that they wished the panel had gone on longer. A full screening of the movie followed the panel presentation, as well as an incredible after party, where couples who were talking about modern relationships only moments before were able to jump in and experience them.

The party moved into full swing with pole dancing, goodies distributed by Good Vibrations, and the stunning Ilana Rothman, along with several other cast and party attendees, mingling with guests. Kelly Moe, the musician responsible for the “An Open Invitation” soundtrack, was also performing live at the event. Moe’s music earned “An Open Invitation” an AVN nomination for Best Movie Soundtrack.

Mainstream news outlets were also impressed, with the New York Times, USA Today, and Reality Check TV conducting extensive interviews with the cast and creators of the movie.

“The party was amazing – a huge success,” commented the “An Open Invitation” creator, Andrew Sullivan. “People actually came up to me afterwards, saying they wished the discussion had gone on longer. When has that ever happened at an adult screening?”

“An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco” has taken the industry by storm this year, finding resonance with a community left relatively unexplored in contemporary adult entertainment. Pre-nominated for a momentous 13 AVN awards and given AVN’s highest rating, the movie has already leapt to #1 on Gamelink’s VOD site with record setting sales.

For more information, visit,, or join the “Open Invitation Swingers Club” on Facebook. Sales information can be found through


User Review of the Day: Teen Times Two #3

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Most user reviews on GameLink are short, sweet and to the point: they’re usually single sentences saying things like “Hot” and “Tarra White can lick my balls any day” or “I didn’t know she was going to have a dick” or even “That movie sucked in a bad way”. Longer reviews tend to be left to the professional reviewers, intrepid porn-viewers that they are, who review movies not just for themselves but for posterity.

So it’s a surprise and a pleasure to find a user review longer than a few sentences, let alone this magnum opus.

Here’s an excerpt of my favorite review of the day from rickus, who kindly took time to share his thoughts on Teen Times Two #3.

This is the movie that motivated me to start writing reviews. A slateful of hot, hot, young girls who are completey into each other and tend to use the eventual cock as a prop. Well-lit and appropriate makeup (for a porno, that is…)

Scene 1 — Two girls, one guy
Scene begins with two bikini-clad brunettes playing in a white room full of bouncy balls (naturally). These girls are young, fit, shaved, and hot, each with smallish, but very nice, breasts. If you like your pornstars young (but not too young, of course), these are the girls for you. The balls (and the bikinis) are quickly discarded in favor of what appears to be a very pleasing dildo. As we move along, the man in black appears as a replacement for said dildo. Blow jobs ensue, followed by sex in all the requisite positions. The bouncy balls make a comeback. The scene ends with a spraying cum shot into touching tongues, followed by much PCSK…

Scene 4 — Two girls, one guy
Blonde and Brunette in pink-ish suits dancing around an indoor pool. Lots of kissing and groping. Another pair of drop-dead young things. No hair, no inhibitions, no regrets… A transluscent spiral striped dildo makes a quick appearance (and equally quick disappearance…) It looks like it might hurt, but it sounds like it doesn’t. When the girls get tired of the natatorium, they somehow wind up in a room with a large-cocked dude “asleep” on a couch. We deftly seque to some shared cock-sucking. These girls are so fucking hot. And hot fucking. What is it about the combination of pink (lingerie, lips) and brown (skin)? Magical. The cumshot is a 69 shot with the cock in the top girl, the bottom girl’s tongue all over the swollen fucked pussy. The throbbing cock emerges from a pink hairless pussy and fills up an open mouth. Nice amount of PCSK. This is the kind of scene that gives me hope…

DBJ — double blow job
SPLAF — Simultaeous pussy licking and fucking
PCSK — Post cum shot kissing

Editor’s note: Scene 1 stars Lucy Belle and Angelica Black (AKA Black Angelika) servicing David Perry; Scene 4 has Mick Blue servicing two unidentified hotties who are most likely of East European origin.

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Nikkita Denise + Hair-Pulling = Hot Lesbian Sex

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As I was surfing through our site looking for candidates for our list of Best Porn of the Decade (which is harder than you’d think, but no hardship whatsoever, in case you were wondering), I came across this boxcover gem that I had to share:

rough lesbian sex in Rivals #2 Starring Nikkita Denise & Mina Meow

Of course in the name of Science I just had to sit down and watch it to see if the movie is as hot as the boxcover is, and by jove it is! (Not like there was ever any doubt that it wouldn’t be hot, rough and sweaty girl-on-girl, with Ariel X, Nikkita Denise, Mz. Berlin & Zoe Britton in the cast, but still. In the name of Science!).

We’ve got it on VOD, PPM, Stream-To-Own and DVD, so pick your favorite format and treat yourself to a fantasy of catfighting women who turn to pussy licking and rough sex as a way to resolve their differences.

Deviant Movie & Rubber Sex Book Review Pt. 2

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I was probably already a deviant before I read Rubber Sex, a group of stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (see Rubber Sex Review Part 1). By the time I got to Rachel’s own story towards the end the book, I was becoming a full-on rubber fanatic. ‘Tight Squeeze,’ is about her young submissive boy, who reminds me of a lover of mine, as he writhes in ecstasy of being objectified. He becomes a green latex-wrapped sex toy, feeling like a superhero, realizing the power that his plastic-looking body has to provide pleasure to his femdom. It’s incredibly sexy.

Rubber Sex Book Cover

That was an fine story to read on the bus home (in SF of course, not recommended bus-reading in the Red States). But I was grateful I made it back to my own bedroom by the time I got to ‘Butterfly Kiss,’ by Thomas Roche. I had never heard of a vac bed before, and struggled to imagine exactly how this device looked, despite Roche’s excellent description. I wanted more detail than my imagination could extract from his words. I allowed my mind to race with the danger he conjured in the story. In sharp contrast to the sex parties I have attended–which are always so damn safe–this was just the exactly dangerous kind of scene that I want to imagine while masturbating with my eyes closed–wearing my new latex panties. If fantasies aren’t a bit more dangerous than reality, what good are they? Well, his is especially good. Trust me. His story was so hot, and my urge to see this magical bed of rubber so great, I had to find some porn with a vac bed….

Obsessed with my new rubber bed fantasy, I went searching and finally came up with a perfect title…a fetish movie made in England. Just enough rubber, (but not so much as the movies made for hard-core rubber fetishists) and plenty of hot sex, including one of the hottest boy-girl-boy threesomes I have EVER seen! Tanya Hyde‘s “Deviant” is a perfect next step on this rubber journey.

Deviant (Tanya Hyde movie)I watched the first scene, a fantasy involving industrial worker men taking an executive female into a basement and group fucking her like she had seen in a smut cartoon just before. Though I had intended to skip to the very end of the movie, where the bed I so wanted to see was featured, it was just so hot, I couldn’t stop. Though not all of this movie is about rubber, there is plenty of it and the sex in every scene is smokin’:

My favorite scenes include:

  • (1:16 ) A lesbian domination scene featuring a red rubber dress with an open back on the dominant who puts her upside-down slave to work in the opening after torturing her shaved cunt. That is hot, I don’t care what your sexual orientation.
  • (1:54:10) A submissive in a vac bed who looks like I imagine I will once I find one of these beds. So helpless, barely moving, heart racing so hard you can almost see it beat through the latex, (which is about the same color as the one described in Rubber Sex, I think). The dominant makes good use of the opportunity to fondle and caress every inch of her beautiful body, paying close attention to her shaved pussy, just like in the Rubber Sex story. After several days of watching this movie over and over again, late at night with rubber panties and dildos to enhance the visuals, I was ready for more of the written words that had lured me into this new deviance…

My only real criticism of the book is that the ‘Tight Squeeze’ and ‘Butterfly Kiss’ stories are basically the climax of the book. The stories that follow don’t keep up the pace. The one exception is ‘Rubber Party Virgin’. I thought it did a good job making me feel like the adventurer who stumbles into the delightful, tasty, smelly, sick and twisted world of rubber for the first time. It made me wish I were a gay man.

Rachel’s Rubber Sex Blog  includes a post about Jane’s Guide’s recent review of Rubber Sex. They have a different take on the ‘Rubber Party Virgin’ story, and a review from a more vanilla mind. I can’t remember anything about vanilla anymore ;-)

Read Part 1 of Rubber Sex review, or shop for rubber movies .

Latex Fetish & Rubber Sex Fantasies, Part 1

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Rubber Sex is a great book, and a fun fantasy to explore. I have been into the leather/kink and BDSM scenes for years, but rubber had never been a real fantasy of mine…until I picked up a copy of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s book, Rubber Sex. Rubber Sex Book Cover

I loved how, in the intro, she describes how her own love affair with rubber began….The Dress. It transformed everything from “unwanted flesh” to entire personas. Her experience was not unlike that of the subject of her first story. “The Dress” illustrates in brilliant detail–and with a pace that immediately raises one’s blood pressure–the metamorphosis possible through a garment that is so powerful. I once bought a rubber dress, but no such thing happened. Either I bought the wrong dress or I should have read “Rubber Sex” first. Thanks to Russel and eighteen other authors who clearly know the pleasures of rubber well, I now get it and can’t get enough!

As I journeyed through the book, I learned that rubber cuts across all sexual orientations. I did find this variety appealing, and I so appreciated the inclusion of an environmentalist who is conflicted over her obsession with rubber tires in “The Stud.” [side note: see part 2 of this review for a tip on this]

It would have rounded out all this diversity nicely to also hear from transsexuals of several different varieties who are into latex and such, but I guess there were no stories submitted about trannies into rubber, or they weren’t good enough.

What I loved the most about this book is that it’s a great introduction to rubber, even to the idea of a fetish. The pacing is great. I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate stories like ‘Butterfly Kiss’ or ‘Tight Squeeze’ fully without the buildup of delightful tales like ‘Justine in Latex.’ Justine’s desire, and then fear, of indulging in latex fantasies are laid out as a weaving of yes and no threads into a tapestry of the modern mind–yearning for pleasure, but slave to responsibility.

In ‘Lick of Pain,’ one of my favorite stories in the book, I was so drawn into the mind of the submissive latex and pain slut that I began shopping for a rubber garment myself. rubber pantiesI had to experience this “pussy flavored latex” and had only one of the necessary ingredients on hand. I remembered that latex clothes were not cheap, and didn’t have time to go through a large decision-making process, so I was looking for something inexpensive. I was delighted to find the perfect pair of naughty latex panties at for under $20! As soon as they arrived I slipped them on under my dress and indeed, this is the best way to read the rest of the book. I found that they turned me on too much for days at the office, so I saved them for my evening reading sessions, and found a latex glove to use as a bookmark. That worked great, keeping me in contact with rubber while painfully waiting for the hours to pass until I could once again feel the contact of latex on my cunt. It really is delightful.

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