Hot Customer Review of the Pleasureskin Cock Dildo

Posted on November 12th, 2007 in Reviews,Sex Toys by admin

Adam and Eve - Pleasureskin Cock 8"
Our favorite customer review from last week:

Adam and Eve – Pleasureskin Cock 8"

We bought this one about 3 months ago and my wife loves it and I love pleasuring her with it. Ladies, it looks big, well it IS big, but with some foreplay and a generous amount of lube it slips right in and I promise you, it will make you so wet that you will experience no discomfort at all. Tried something new with it the other night. I wrapped it up inside of a heating pad and left it for about 30 minutes before we went to bed. It was extremely warm, bordering on hot. I lubed it up and slipped in in my wife, she came almost immediately, she said that the size combined with the heat threw her over the edge. If you don’t have this in your collection, get one. We have been using smaller toys for about a year now and this is definitely our favorite!!

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