Tiger Woods & Holly Sampson, Celebrity Porn Star

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Somewhere between getting into a minor car crash and today, Tiger Woods mistresses have been coming out of the woodwork to claim they’ve knocked boots with the erstwhile multi-million-dollar golfer. So far the women who have said they’ve been Tiger Woods mistress have all been sexy blonde women (who are eerily remnicient of his wife) with various careers, from unnamed professional jobs to lingerie models.

Enter Holly Sampson, also known as Nicolette Foster, Andrea Michaels and Zoe. Not only is she the seventh (or is it eigth? After two side pieces, the exact number just stops mattering that much) alleged mistress of Tiger Woods, she’s a porn star (now a celebrity porn star) with a 9-plus year career that includes hardcore, softcore and a good amount of fetish sex and movies featuring bondage, tickling and foot fetish sex. This hot blonde porn starlet has spent the better part of her 36 years on camera in one way or another — as a teenager, she played Fred Savage’s older, more experienced love interest for an episode, a role which she seems to have an affinity for. Currently Holly does a lot of movies where she’s featured as a MILF with a hearty sexual appetite, something we can whole-heartedly get behind. With her big boobs and sultry smile that hints at her kinky side, Holly Sampson is definitely someone we’d LOVE to fuck. Who could blame Tiger Woods for wanting her, too?

If you want a taste of Tiger Woods’ porn star side piece Holly Sampson, you can read our article about Holly Sampson and Tiger Woods, see all the hardcore adult movies she’s starred in, or look at her or check out Smash Picture’s Cheating Housewives #6. A press release and some sexy photos of Holly are below:

Tiger Woods’ Alleged Mistress #7’s Has a Smash Pictures Connection — Cheating Housewives #6!


Oh the irony … or was it just method acting for Holly Sampson?

Turns out that one of Tiger Woods’ alleged 10 mistresses — porn star Holly Sampson — was well practiced in the art of cheating before her reported involvement with the golf pro: She starred in the adult film Cheating Housewives 6 by SmashPictures.com
According to one of Holly’s co-stars, an actor who goes simply by the name Christian, Holly “almost always plays the role of mistress and is the one who does the cheating.”
So what kind of woman does Tiger go for? If he really dated Holly, he’s got good taste, says Christian. “She’s very friendly and takes care of herself,” the porn star tells HollywoodLife exclusively. “[She] always has her hair done and is very well groomed — nails, toes, everything. She’s striking in terms of how she looks and comes across as very beautiful, but she’s also just a cool chick.”

Though Holly never mentioned Tiger directly, she did say she was married at one point and, according to Christian, “was always dating people. She even had a guy’s name tattooed on the back of her neck.”

Unlike some of the golfer’s other alleged mistresses — some of whom have cashed in by selling their stories — Holly has yet to speak out about her rumored affair. And although she hasn’t directly benefited from the affair, her name is definitely bringing in the bucks for one party.

The production company behind Cheating Housewives 6, Smash Pictures, got a surge in orders for Holly’s Cheating film early Monday, just after the news broke of her alleged affair.

“Sales have been crazy,” Stuart Wall, vice president of Smash Pictures, tells HollywoodLife. “I’ve sold about 500 copies this morning alone. Everyone is curious to see a celebrity mistress, someone who in real life was apparently with Tiger Woods, in action.”
Cheating Housewives #6 has earned an AVN Award Nomination for Best Milf Release.
At least someone’s a winner in this whole mess.

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Smash Pictures
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