Nikki Jayne Will Not be Denied

Posted on January 26th, 2009 in Pornstars by P. Weasels

If you have any doubt that Nikki Jayne is a sex-craving trollop after listening to her talk what a sex-craving trollop she is in the first scene of Porn Week’s new movie, Porn Week – Nikki Jayne

Nikki Jayne

…and if you still have some reservations about her level of debauchery after getting a squint at the look on her face in the second scene of the same movie…

Nikki Jayne

…you’ll just have to watch the fourth scene – the one in which Vivid‘s new contract girl practically assaults a cameraman and gives him a blowjob, over his feeble objections.

Nikki Jayne

That ought to convince you, you skeptic.

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