Everybody loves Nina

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Anal queen, bottled-up sexy librarian, vixen, minx, saucy cougar on the prowl, salacious lesbian lover, predatory Victorian schoolmarm, daring sexual educator… Nina Hartley does it all. And damn does she look good doing it. Her sexpertise – through her videos, Nina can teach you how to do most anything, from stripping to your partner, to having The Perfect Orgy (Nina won’t let you settle for just any old orgy, she wants it to be perfect, and we thank her for that) and exploring your latent bicurious tendencies – as well as the demand for MILF porn stars and ladies who do anal sex scenes because they love it, has kept Nina busy gracing our screens and fantasies. For today’s Photo Essay, we pay tribute to the incomparable Nina Hartley and all of her various porn personae by highlighting some of our favorite boxcovers from her hottest movies.

porn star Nina Hartley stars in Her First Older Woman #5 on adult VOD at Gamelink Nina Hartley stars in Lesbian Adventures: Victorian Love Letters at on Adult VOD GameLink
The cover that started it all. Nina is such a playa. Even though she’s a Victorian Schoolmarm, Nina still looks vixenish and is perhaps plotting her next move in world domination.
Deep Inside Nina Hartley on Adult VOD at GameLink.com Nina Hartley's Older Women, Younger Women #10 on Adult VOD at GameLink
Vintage Nina. Though her hair might be less… fluffy now, her tits, ass and lust for anal are still going strong. Happy Nina – she’s got boobies to play with!
Nina Hartley's Older Women, Younger Men #12 on Adult VOD at GameLink Nina and the Showgirls featuring porn star Nina Hartley on adult VOD at GameLink
Nina also likes younger men. A softer side of Nina. Plus her ass.
Nina Hartley stars in RuleBreaker on Adult VOD at GameLink Nina Hartley stars in Nina Loves Girls on Adult VOD at GameLink
With an ass like that, it doesn’t matter that she’s wearing fringe like that. Motherly, nurturing Nina. Though we imagine she’s equally capable of unexpectedly spanking her costar thoroughly 10 seconds after this picture was taken.
porn star Nina Hartley in Seasoned Players #2 on Adult VOD at GameLink Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Anal Sex for Men and Women on adult VOD at GameLink
Nina rocks the stockings and garters and the glasses. Nina the teacher, showing some nip. .
Nina Hartley stars in 40 Something XXXtra #4 on Adult VOD at GameLink Nina Hartley's Guide to Erotic Bondage on Adult VOD at GameLink
Nina can drain our balls anytime she needs or wants. Also we’ve got a cup of sugar with her name on it. Just in case. Nina rockin’ the latex and leather fetish look.
Nina Hartley stars in Older Women and Younger Women #4 on Adult VOD at GameLink Nina Hartley's Guide to Spanking on Adult VOD at GameLink
Nina taking command while wearing unseaonable (but sexy) stockings and garters. Nina’s ass has never looked more spankable (or more targeted) than in this dress.
Battle of Superstars: Nina Hartley vs Ginger Lynn on Adult VOD at GameLink Nina Hartley and Helen Duval star in The Dutch Anal Bitch #10 on Adult VOD at GameLink
As much as we love Ginger Lynn, our bets are on Nina, hands down. Though Ginger’s hair might be bigger. The fringe (and the title) is puzzling, but the sex is hot. We love watching Nina love girls.

Did we miss a movie? Let us know in the comments.

“Puckered Up”: A “Starship Troopers” of the ass

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Get Puckered Up on DVD

Hustler’s “Puckered Up: The Anal Game Show” does not disappoint ass fans. In fact, dearly departed director Richard de Montfort made absolutely sure that each anus (Sasha Grey’s Trinity Post’s, and – pictured – Michelle Avanti’s) got an extreme closeup.

But such clinical rectal inspections had me thinking about the Brain Bug in “Starship Troopers.”

Is Michelle Avanti’s anus controlling my thoughts?

Would that Denise Richards show up in “Puckered Up 2: The MILF Edition.”

Porn Stars are All the Same

Posted on February 12th, 2009 in Pornstars by P. Weasels

Women. You think you’re going to trade in the brunette who has been cheating on you for a brand-new blonde who says she loves you and won’t pull the same tricks the brunette pulled, and then, days later, you find Regina Ice having a threesome with exactly the same guys that Melissa Lauren was having a threesome with in the beginning of your movie.

Melissa Lauren - In Command Governess

Regina Ice - In Command Governess

There’s just no justice in the world for a guy pretending to be crippled so he can maintain his porn addiction.

(photos from In Command – The Governess)

Rocco Siffredi, Dream Thief

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I had almost exactly this same Dirty Dream last night, except at the end of mine there were vampire children, and instead of Stella Delacroix, it was a mermaid. Don’t ask me how that worked.

How did Rocco Siffredi know?

(image from Rocco’s Dirty Dreams 8)

Jandi Lin in the Middle

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If I had enough body parts, I would do these things to Jandi Lin all by myself, so I would not have to share her with anyone.

I only have the one set of parts, though, so I guess I will just have to do it twice.

(Images from Jonni Darkko’s Asian Fucking Nation 3)