New Movies Boxcover Theme of the Week: Big Cocks

Posted on November 4th, 2009 in Belladonna,Blowjob,Porn Movies,Porn Thoughts,Pornstars by hunterlee

This week at GameLink it is, apparently, all about cocks. Big cocks. Big cocks that appear to shock and awe the female talent, actually, if this Photographic Essay with these ten boxcovers is any proof.

big black cocks in Rumble in the Jungle at GameLink My Daughter is Fucking Blackzilla #20 at GameLink
Shocked and perhaps a little apaled and/or awed? Shocked. And not because she can’t believe it’s not butter.
Manaconda #6 Down Your Throat #2
My personal favorite tagline "The Return of the Whopping Reptile!!!" Kelly Wells looks gleeful.
Tara Lynn Foxx looks busy. Tara Lynn Foxx looks pleasured.
Excited and/or naughty. Shocked and awed, again.
Nightstick sounds deadly and remnicient of that time Belladonna fit a baseball bat up her ass. Ok, so Belladonna and Syd Blakovich are just awesome. Belladonna looks fierce. And that strap-on is pretty big.

Hooray for big cocks, blowjobs, lascivious ladies and journalism!

Porn teeth: (Don’t) Mind the gap

Posted on March 27th, 2009 in Belladonna,Porn Thoughts by Gram

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Maybe it’s because I’m a big fan of David Letterman, but I have always found women with a little gap in their teeth adorable. Now that the government has started eradicating Asian schoolgirls in secret desert labs, could Gappies be the next big niche?

I didn’t realize I had a quorum of personal Gappy interactions until I looked at this picture of the juicy Kirra Lynne and some loser from the set of Oh No! There’a A Negro in My Daughter 2. That opened up the floodgates.

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And here’s the enchanting Hollie Stevens in my car. Lest you be jealous, she was talking to another man on the phone.

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And here’s the wonderful Belladonna. Bella has since had some dental work done and, I have to tell you, it’s like an already perfect person getting a boob job. Belladonna will never lose her appeal, though, even as she loses her spinach retention prowess.

An interesting sidebar to this is a term popularized by Ashley Blue, sitting next to Belladonna. That term was “meeth,” which is the kind of teeth people tend to rock when they use a lot of meth. No one in this post has meeth.

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Finally, who could forget Nikki Nievez? Nikki always seems to be unfairly placed as an also-ran to Belladonna and Naudia Nyce in the Dirty Gappy department, but you and I know she is utterly devastating.

And did she squirt on my glasses? Yes she did. You can be jealous of that, if you want.

Belladonna’s Back to Blonde

Posted on March 9th, 2009 in Belladonna,Porn Movies by P. Weasels

Belladonna is once again sporting the short blonde cut she used to have in her first few videos. I like it, but I liked her with her head shaved, and with her head leopard-spotted and with her hair black.

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I guess I just like Belladonna.


Seeing her with the short blonde cut, though, was like having an old girlfriend go back to the haircut she was wearing when you met her. A nice little bit of nostalgia.


Bella’s new Dark Meat title is, like all Belladonna movies, inspiring. She is always on fire – even when it’s not an interracial title, an all-girl title, a fetish title, or any particular special niche. In fact, Bella is one of the few performers I look forward to seeing in any kind of role, even if it’s not my thing.

Lesbian porn does nothing for me, but I would watch Belladonna shop for sweatpants.

(Images from Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3)

People all over the world: start a Girl Train

Posted on July 24th, 2008 in ass,Lesbians,Pussy by Gram

Girl Train 1

Not that she’d do it, but I think that if Belladonna said, “Grams, I am going to steal your car and total it in Mexico,” I would seriously think about letting her do it. That’s how charming she is.

This is why we can forgive anything, and willingly suspend our disbelief, when she asks us to accept that she, Dana DeArmond, and Bobbi Starr are having a sleepover truth or dare session when any goddamn person knows that none of those people needs the pretense of a “dare” to do any of the filthy things they do on this 2-disc set. Especially when it is clearly broad daylight.

Girl Train 2

I suppose the American Sleepover Truth or Dare Council might be peeved, but I expect you to roll right over this. I mean, look at how happy they are.

In the extensive research undertaken to provide just the right title for this shameless display of porno-Sapphic exertions, I happened on this very funny animation to the O’Jays’ song “Love Train.”

(Look at it here.)

Buy “Girl Train” here.

Watch Gianna Michaels!

Posted on June 5th, 2008 in Porn Movies by P. Weasels

Belladonna's Manhandled #3

If you are not currently watching Gianna Michaels in the third scene of Belladonna’s new movie, Manhandled #3, I cannot imagine what might possibly be wrong with you.

This scene is a perfect example of why she is the best porn star in all of Christendom. Watching her wrestle with Steve Holmes is like watching a grownup letting a precocious child win a game – in spite of the fact that this is a male-dominant movie, she’s like a cat playing with a mouse. A big, sexy cat with the greatest rack in America.