Jesse Jane and Teagan – together again! If only Tera had shown up

teagan and jesse

Don’t believe the hype about “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.” Just get the movie. It’s a keeper, and a movie that, with its precursor, occupies its own tiny niche of Blockbuster Porn. Sometimes blockbusters don’t do everything they should, but “Pirates II” does some things really well. In that way it is the porn equivalent of “Pearl Harbor”; narratively suspect, expensive, all over the place, but a technical milestone.

And the sex scenes? Excessive in just the right way. The theatrical version features some editing we don’t normally see in sex scenes – good editing. The bonus DVD features these same scenes except 20 minutes longer. It almost doesn’t seem like that would even be fun

Here we see Teagan interviewing Jesse Jane at the premiere this weekend. Teagan starred in the first “Pirates” and is now a free agent. I never thought of her as an interviewer before, but she is very good at it. Jesse Jane, of course, is as well-spoken as Tera Patrick at these events. See? All the Digital Playground girls made good.

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The Dismount of Annette Schwarz

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The Porno-Industrial Complex would have you believe that women go for the anal to the blowjob position seamlessly, like those vampires move in “True Blood.” One moment they’re in reverse cowgirl on a bed and the next they’ve flash-cut to fellatio on the couch (which is also the name of the lounge I’m opening at my local Holiday Inn).

But for some reason I find it much more interesting to watch the performer (in this case, the delightful Annette Schwarz in Digital Playground’s “Stoya: Deeper 11″) leap from one position to another, the transition caught in real time.

Sweat glistens, muscles contort, heretofore unglimpsed folds of skin manifest themselves. And that’s just me.

Watch “Stoya: Deeper 11″ here.

Carmen Luvana from 2002

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Now and then we receive compilation DVDs like New Sensations’ “Fantasy All-Stars 8,” featuring everyone from stars-of-the-moment like Ashlynn Brooke, Alexis Texas, and Gianna, veterans along the lines of Jenna Haze and Katie Morgan, and (virtual) retirees like Carmen Luvana, whose scene with Randy Spears from “Carmen Goes to College” is one of the 12 offerings on this two-DVD set.

As you’ve doubtless heard, it’s not as easy selling porn today as it used to be, what with so much of it just being given away on the Internet, so compilations abound, and even if they’re not very good, it’s not like producers have to worry about paying residuals to the performers. Luckily, “Fantasy All-Stars 8″ is worth your cash even if, like many comps, what it doesn’t provide is context.

That said, I’ll make one for you.


Carmen’s scene was filmed in 2002, a few years before she moved from being the face of New Sensations to being an even more famous contract star for Adam & Eve, from which she (more or less) stepped aside this year. “We’ll see her now and then,” an Adam & Eve source said, “but she needed a break from the adult business.”

So in this compilation we see Luvana between boob jobs and before she became a huge star. Incidentally, we also see Spears in a non-Wicked movie, which would not happen today now that he is exclusive to that company.

This is one of those DVDs that unintentionally provides a snapshot of several generations of porn stars, since turnover in porn is so fast. We see Julia Bond and Lacie Heart (later to be a Vivid and Digital Playground contract player), both no longer in the business, as well as Ava Rose before her own Adam & Eve contract. And, not for nothing, even if Eva Angelina probably has hundreds of scenes “in the can” prior to her impending motherhood this fall, what better time than now to begin hoarding her scenes, too?

Download “Fantasy All-Stars 8″ here.
Buy “Fantasy All-Stars 8″ here.

Finally – the Porn I’ve Been Waiting For…

Posted on August 20th, 2008 in Porn Movies by P. Weasels

Digital PlaygroundJack’s Redhead Adventure, starring Faye Valentine, Nikki Rose, Madison Young and Scarlett Fay.

I don’t know any of them, but I’m certainly looking forward to watching it. I just got my advance copy on Blu-Ray from Digital Playground – it’s so new it’s not even on the site yet.

Now I’m just waiting for DP to send me a Blu-Ray player…

Blu-ray porn: Generations

Cheerleaderrs in Blu-ray

As you can imagine, sales of HDTVs peaked last Christmas, and will probably beat those numbers this year. But when I purchased my HDTV (we call her “Billie” and I would eagerly invite her into my marriage for her voluminous slots and jacks) last December I had little idea that the HD-DVD/Blu-ray format war was about a month away from being decided in Blu-ray’s favor.

That was until I got my HD-DVD player for free with my television.

I’ll admit that I have never watched the two movies I received with my new HD-DVD player (“The Bourne Identity” and “300″). I use my player only for standard DVD discs. And I can’t imagine watching porn in high-def on a big screen because I have never done that, either.

But that is because I am of a generation that began watching porn on a computer, and older than the generation that began watching porn on iPods. I am compartmentalized, too: I think that porn shouldn’t have a big screen treatment, probably because I am of a generation that still has thin walled apartments where neighbors would judge me by Roxy Jezel’s screams.

Now that the larger studios are releasing movies in Blu-Ray in earnest as well as re-releasing old movies in that format (Digital Playground, Vivid, and JM Productions are the biggest), porn consumers are in a position where they have to buy new equipment for the first time since the mass adoption of the DVD ten years ago, rather than simply to upgrade equipment or to wait for porn to be more computer-friendly; Blu-ray represents the first time in a decade that porn has played hard to get.

Despite widespread acknowledgment that the standard-def DVD is dying (and you are so lucky Gamelink offers thousands of titles in its VOD theatre), Blu-ray porn, especially that material already shot in high definition, might give the disc format a few more years of rope.