Quick shot: Bluebird Angels at AEE 2010

Posted on January 8th, 2010 in Adult Industry Events by hunterlee

Bluebird Films Angels at AVN 2010 courtesy of Janes's Guide and Always Aroused Girl Blog

The flesh & blood counterparts of the Bluebird Films logo look heavenly.

See more photos and less bad puns from Jane’s Guide and Always Aroused Girl in this AEE Facebook Album. You can also see more photos at the convention from @BluebirdFilms on Twitter!

Personally, I think our office needs a 7′ giant penis statue, but that might be just me. Other album highlights include a table of beautiful Njoy toys and the lovely Kelly Shibari.

Black Angelika: Porn Star of the Day We Want to Marry

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Dear Black Angelika,

Will you marry me? You have everything I look for in a naked woman: perfect breasts, stockings and garters, and an ass that one can’t help but spank. From watching you in movies like Lesbians in the Tropics I know that you look amazing in a bikini and love fucking women: clearly this is a match made in heaven that needs no further consideration.

Hunter Lee

Sunny Leone = Perfect Big Tits.

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Sunny Leone has big tits

I just wanted to point out that Sunny Leone’s breasts are perfect. (They’re also perfect in the movie.)

Big Cocks & The Women Who Suck Them

Posted on December 31st, 2009 in Porn Movies,Porn Thoughts by hunterlee

Big Black Cocks, interracial and blowjobs in I Hope That's  Not Yo' Daughter #2

This might not be the most auspicious image to end 2009 with, but damn it if it isn’t awesome. Unlike many porn boxcovers featuring women and big black cocks, Mya isn’t being gagged so much as she looks ready to take a large, snarling bite out of the penis that has been placed upon her face — I think it’s the eyebrows. While she’s no match for Asa Akira‘s epic penis-directed anger in Pure, the cover does make me wonder what happened 10 seconds before and after they took this photo.

Here’s a much happier boxcover: Beti Hana looks wonderous (ok, maybe more shocked and awed than wonderous) of the big cock she’s presented with, instead of spiteful.


Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday Tiger Woods!

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porn star Holly Sampson Joslyn James, image courtesy of Naughty America

Happy birthday Tiger Woods! Today, December 30th, 2009, the golf magnate turns 34, a mere month after the so-called ‘Mistressgate’ hit the news, permanently altering the public’s perception of Mr. Woods and the number of porn movies inspired by his life and love life.

In the month in between the fateful car crash that somehow prompted ever-increasing amounts of alleged mistresses to come out of the woodwork, the Tiger Woods saga has grown to even more epic proportions — with fourteen (fourteen!) possible mistresses on the list so far, we’re also up to at least two (announced) porn parodies, one by Adam & Eve named Tiger’s Wood, which will star Kayden Kross and Tyler Knight, and yet another announced by Nectar Entertainment, which will feature Diana Doll as Elin Nordegren and Jonny Slim as "Tiger Would", my personal favorite porn-ified Tiger Woods name.

Then of course there is Holly Sampson‘s reported "docu-drama" porn project that she may or may not be filming with Vivid, which, as a "docu-drama", isn’t quite a parody so much as a historical reenactment. Historical reenactment! If you can’t wait for Holly’s take on her affair with Mr. Woods, you can watch her get down & dirty, doing interracial and DP’s in Screwed Over, Vivid (the go-to studio for celebrity sex tapes) and Paul Thomas‘ sexual supremacy death-match between Holly Sampson, Savanah Samson and A.J. Bailey.

No word yet on whether Joslyn James, Tiger Woods alleged brunette mistress, is planning on using her fame to make a tell-all, a porn parody or a historical drama. Wanted as a dead-beat mom in Washington State, Joslyn seems to have kept mum to the media so far about the allegations of her relationship with Woods, aside from a cryptic Facebook status update.

All I’m hoping is that someone will use a golf club as a sex toy, a la Belladonna and the infamous baseball bat, in at least one of the movies.