Belladonna’s thighs have it

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Belladonna unposedSince Belladonna has been in and out of the porn industry for six years, she has a great ability to rocket her body around to pose for a camera. Her instincts are so laser-tuned that she is in a pose a full second before the lens cap comes off.

Recently we caught up with her at home prior to a scene in which she made the director/performer Mr. Pete drink something that looked like lemonade but that wasn’t (“but it actually was,” Belladonna added).

As she got ready for the shot and got rid of cumbersome clothing, we found ourselves thinking of the woman known especially for her ass: “Nice thighs.”

Holy Spirit visits with Alix Lakehurst

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alix lakehurst

Internet phenomenon Alix Lakehurst checked in via com-pu-ter yesterday and mentioned that there were currently eight inches of snow in Chicago. On the first day of Spring.

“Ha ha ha, Alix Lakehurst,” we said, as California fell into the sea as a result of the earthquake we all knew would happen. “At least here we can eat tacos with our shirts off.”

“Well I’ll take my shirt off, too,” she said.

Just then, a blinding white light appeared over Lakehurst’s shoulder.

“Is that – - ?” we asked.

“No, it’s a lightbulb, dumbass.”

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Fluffing the Batman

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Tony Batman and Kaci StarrHere’s a story of how the porn world is often sordid and wholesome at the same time.

“Lynn Lemay is sending me pictures of your schlong,” I said to porn personality “Tampa” Tony Batman. Since I don’t usually write about gay porn, and since couples’ porn is more theory than reality (porn won’t last long without a healthy sense of shame), I don’t usually get pictures of schlongs in my Inbox.

“It was my first time,” Batman responded, “so she thought she’d send a press release.”

Lynn Lemay is an AVN Hall of Fame performer. Now in her 50′s, she has formed LeMayzing Pictures and has released several films full of juicy, sun-ripened California girls reminiscent of Lemay herself. “Malibu Daughters” is the best known so far, but “Phoenix: Risen from the Ashes” is said to be the second to last movie Lemay will appear in whilst perpetrating the sexiness.

Lana Croft, David Aaron Clark Haunt Encino

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David Aaron Clark
In his “No Man’s Land: Asian Edition 6,” director David Aaron Clark sends Lana Croft tottering through the marbled hallways of a Porn Valley rental as she deals with ghosts and demons.

“Yes, she has a lot to contend with,” said Clark from his home in L.A.’s Koreatown. “It shows us how a little memory can be a bad thing.”

It is pleasant, now and then, to get a porn DVD that requires a little thought. We wonder, for example, how the grief-stricken Croft, whose character lost the love of her life to a plane crash (not before having sex with her, though) and lost her sister’s love to her own disapproval of her sister’s sex partners (not before watching them have sex, though) could afford that huge goddamn house. We wonder if Croft dresses more sluttily the sadder she gets. If this is the formula, we are going to invite Croft to our house and tell her that Bambi died.

Clark has been writing about and making porn for a couple of decades, including stints at Screw magazine and San Francisco’s late Spectator. He has carved out a thoughtful, extra fetishy Asian niche that finds the otherworldly Ange Venus, for example, doing things that viewers wouldn’t normally see.

“She’s not a geisha in this movie,” Clark said of Venus’ performance in NML. “She’s an erotic demoness.”

Well good. If you’re going to make me think about it, you’d damn well better make it erotic.

Check out No Man’s Land: Asian Edition 6 here.

Tory Lane Interracial — Her First Black Dick

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Pornstar Tory Lane recently visited GameLink headquarters in San Francisco. Watch here as the anal porn superstar talks about her new interracial porn movie, I Love Black Dick #4.

Enjoy the scenery as Tory explores the GameLink sex toy wall, and hear what she has to say about costar Brian Pumper, fantasy partner Mandingo, and her intimate thoughts on anal sex.

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