Being Jenna – Six Years Later

Posted on March 5th, 2009 in Jenna Jameson by Gram

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Like Tupac, Jenna Jameson will continue to be featured in posthumous titles for the next several years.

No, we are not breaking horrible news of Jenna’s passing or an East/West rivalry gone awry, but Ms. Jameson put so much in the can, as it were, prior to her retirement last year that the world still gets to see “new” material of her shot way back in 2003.

Jenna Jameson and Cherry Rain

In “Being Jenna,” Jameson teams up with Daisy Marie (who looks exactly the same today) and a short-lived porn performer named Cherry Rain, now married to one of adult’s biggest trade magazine publishers, for a “day in the life”-style documentary.

But does anyone know what it is really like to be Jenna? I was so sad when she said she’d never open her legs in this industry again. I felt like I’d served bad clams at my dinner party and she was calling a cab.


No, Jenna is still very much alive (she turns 35 on April 9) but the porn world is dead to her.

Being Jenna Jameson

Posted on February 23rd, 2009 in Jenna Jameson,Lesbians by P. Weasels

I have my doubts from day to day about whether I would want to be Jenna Jameson. It seems like a perilous endeavor, fraught with all kinds of different hazards and heartbreaks. But then somebody puts something like Being Jenna, and I forget about my reservations. It seems like being able to have Cherry Rain


… or Olivia Del Rio and Daisy Marie at the same time …


might be worth all the fuss.

At the very least, I guess I’d give Being Jenna a shot.

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Thank God Jenna Jameson Is Out of Porn

Posted on October 20th, 2008 in Jenna Jameson by P. Weasels

Jenna Jameson actually looks human again in this picture of her and her incipient twins from her Myspace page.

Jenna Jameson pregnant

She Clearly Doesn’t Know Her Porn

Posted on September 19th, 2008 in Jenna Jameson by P. Weasels

Apparently there is a person named Aubrey O’Day, and this person is a hot blonde with big tits. She may be some kind of minor celebrity – I don’t know – but I read, in the excellent Tyler Durden celebrity watchblog that she has talked about fucking on her period and whatnot, and what a freak she is, but here is what she has to say about watching porn, of which she claims to have a great deal:

“I watched [Jenna Jameson] before she was my BFF, I don’t watch her anymore. I was actually masturbating one night to, like, Anal Sex Compilation #3 or whatever, and she was in it and I was like, Oh no! I had to turn it off.”

We all know, of course, why that is impossible. You’d think if you liked porn that much, you’d pay more attention, especially if someone were your BFF. Still, it’s nice to think of her masturbating to porn, isn’t it?

Gamelink Red Carpet: Justine Joli in Jenna Jameson’s Jetwash

Justine Joli and Jenna JamesonWe were reminded of the Trail of Tears (well, only a little – after all, no one died) at the AVN Awards. Even though the line of stars was not alphabetical or even governed by alliteration, poor Justine Joli got stuck behind Jenna Jameson’s entourage and it took the red-haired stunner about ten years to make it down the red carpet.

“Next time I’m walking in front of Jenna,” Joli said, not realizing that there would not be a next time, according to Jameson’s retirement speech an hour later.

Jameson gave Joli a big hug on the carpet, which really did match the drapes.