Jada Fire Has Heard It All Before

Posted on January 16th, 2009 in Adult Industry Events,Pornstars by Gram

Pornstar Jada Fire

Gamelink favorite Jada Fire, straight outta South Central L.A., nevertheless finds that race is not a factor in her appeal.

“Black men, white men; they all say the same things,” she said at the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

“1. I want to fuck you.
2. I want to bust a nut on you.
3. Slap your ass, bitch
4. Marry me

“That sort of shit,” she said.

Regardless, Fire is one of the few performers of color at this year’s convention, along with Lexington Steele, Sinnamon Luv, Vanessa Blue, and Tee Reel.

“That shit don’t matter to me,” said Fire. “Dick is dick and pussy is pussy. And I’ve got the best pussy.”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard?

“Shit. This is my seventh year here. Everybody wants the same thing. This pussy.”

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Pornstar Brittaney Starr Makes the Big Time on Rock of Love Bus

Posted on January 13th, 2009 in Pornstars by P. Weasels

Is it better or worse to have a real pornstar on the latest season of Rock Of Love? I watched the first season, picked the winner on the audition show and quit watching when it turned out Bret Michaels was only in it for the pussy. I work in porn! Why the hell do I need to watch a couple of dozen attention whores with fake tits NOT getting naked or fucking? Still, there is something to be said for the tease, and having Brittaney Starr, a real honest-to golly porn slut, on the show makes me long (only a little) for the days when porn was harder to find and I watched TV like this and tried to see around the pixelation when the tits started to come out.

Brittaney Starr

Brittaney, according to the show’s official blog, has established herself not only as the crier on the show, but also as the lunatic stalker. See more of big-boobed blonde Brittaney Starr on the show or in any of fifty or so porn movies that she made before she went legit. Or wait and see her in the fifty more that she’ll make when it turns out the legit world doesn’t really want her. With any luck, she’ll be voted off the show soon and we’ll be able to go back to imagining the tits instead of having their horrible reality available all the time.

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“MILF-o-Maniacs” and the NBA Finals

Posted on June 5th, 2008 in GameLink,MILF,Porn Movies,Porn People,Porn Thoughts by Gram


TJ Powers has only been in the adult business for a few months but, by virtue of her appearing (with Nick Manning) in the Wicked movie “MILF-o-Maniacs,” she seems like a venerable sexual battleship eager for manballs rather than mothballs (with turgid prose like that, I should write for Juggs).

This site has of late joined me in my robust hetero admiration of Nick Manning, who is a true postmodern porn star; he refers to himself, he is self-aware in all his movies, and he has passed through late ’90′s softcore crucible to emerge a porn star who cares deeply but manages to look like he just doesn’t care. Stunning. Would that we all could be like Manning, if not so much in our sexual pairings (but hey, if he’ll send us some of the runoff), but in our lives.

Anyway, seeing Powers and Manning in their “MILF-o-Maniacs” scene, as they crashed together so zestily and as Powers even matched Manning’s zingers line for line (winner: “You found it – now pound it“) reminded me of the ancient Lakers/Celtics rivalry being renewed this very night in Boston.

You found it, Ray Allen – now pound it.

Lindsay Meadows: Art Lover

Posted on March 22nd, 2008 in Boobs,GameLink,Hardcore,Porn Movies,Porn Thoughts by Gram

Lindsey Meadows in “Young Hollywood”

One of the cool things about Carlos Batts’ “Young Hollywood,” aside from the fleshly rompiness of Lindsey Meadows (pictured), is the early-70′s, easy nature of some of the captured conversation. A lot of porn is disposable (and I think that is its appeal and one of the reasons that porn doesn’t destroy relationships, people destroy them) but “Young Hollywood” is not; it is a cool and porny snapshot of a couple of blocks south of the Hollywood sign. Lindsey Meadows plays an artist/art dealer (I’m not sure) who succumbs to the inevitable, to wit: creating art is all about getting laid.

That said, I have to go work on my etchings.

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Adrianna Nicole and Annette Schwarz checking Gamelink sales on an Apple product

Posted on March 22nd, 2008 in ass,fetish,GameLink,Porn People,Pornstars by Gram

annette schwarz and adrianna nicole

Not really. I’m not sure they even know what Gamelink is. Why should they? When I was first asked to write for Gamelink I thought, “Maybe they’ll be able to fix my ColecoVision.”

But here they are regardless. Annette is actually checking her MySpace messages and Adrianna dropped by. I think at this point in the evening Adrianna was checking in with Annette about who was stalking her lately. Then they went to dinner and made the waiters blush with their antics. A grand time was had by all.

The point is: would this have happened on a Dell? No.