Boxcover of the Week: “I <3 Redheads”

Posted on May 6th, 2009 in Porn Movies by Gram

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The genius of porn is that you can look at this photo of Scarlett Fay and immediately suspend at least four very compelling questions that might, if they were posed to someone without her boobs out, be cause for her termination as your housekeeper:

1. Why is she sitting on a table?
2. Why the high heels on that ratty frathouse-looking rug?
3. Anybody clean those blinds lately?
4. Did she forget how to put on her pants?

But Scarlett Fay just looks so accessible up there on that rickety table we got from your grandmother that I’m going to ask you to bring the rest of the groceries in while I see if her ass makes a tupperware sound when it makes it all of the way out of these jeans.

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Six Inches Under Chloe Kez

Posted on April 8th, 2009 in Porn Movies by Gram

Chloe Kez
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I haven’t watched one of B. Skow’s Brand New Faces movies in a while, not because they aren’t uniformly fun, but because I am deeply jealous of B. Skow.

Vivid‘s new starlet series doesn’t require performers to be just-turned-18, only that they have never performed in a porn movie before. There have been occasional frauds (see: Jean Jacobs) but generally the series captures the girls just as they realize how right or wrong they were about the adult business.


And Skow is a good interviewer in between the heavy breathing – and he has reasons.

Brand New Faces 17 features the debut of Chloe Kez, a 19-year-old nanny from Maryland who would take the Lauren Ambrose role if anyone did a porn remake of Six Feet Under.

(Oh shit – someone should. Maybe I should. Would Gamelink give me $50k to make that movie?)

Chloe Kez porn

Kez is like a less-self-aware Madison Young.

In the early episodes of BNF, Skow was almost humble. Now, faced with the ripeness of young Kez in his face, he becomes drunk with power and cannot keep his hands off her, even as she is about to perform her first scene with someone else. I can’t say I would not be similarly tempted in the same situation.

Brand New Faces 17 made me feel like a dirty old man. And I’m 23. It’s all B. Skow’s fault.

Claire Adams: tongue-tied

Posted on April 6th, 2009 in Porn Movies by Gram

Claire Adams
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When I can, I spend a couple of days on porn sets rather than just an hour. There is a lot of waiting around, but if there is an Internet connection, I’m fine. This is how I got to meet Claire Adams on the set of Ernest Greene’s The Perfect Secretary: Training Day.

Claire Adams

Adams lives in Colorado but drives in to Porn Valley when there is a need for ropes wielded by serious-minded women. She is an expert rigger and not only looks good doing it, but can also explain how. I mention this because a 20-minute ropes course between Adams and a willing Justine Joli will be an extra feature on the DVD.

Flexible girl Claire Adams
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I can imagine that women and men wait in line for Claire Adams to deign to brutalize them.

For now, though, please content yourself with the milky white and dangerous Ms. Adams in a series of fun poses.

Kylie Ireland Still Looks Good

Posted on March 17th, 2009 in Pornstars by admin

What better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day than in Ireland? Kylie Ireland, that is! Zing!

Kylie still looks incredible – better, in fact, than she did when she started working in porn in 1994. Sure, she was pretty then, with her blonde hair and small, natural tits –

young Kylie Ireland

But take a look at Kylie Ireland now – that deep red hair, those big, luscious boobs, that ripe figure…

Kylie Ireland redhead
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In a business that’s not always kind to women, Kylie’s one of the few stars who has aged well enough that she’s just as appealing fifteen years later as she was when she arrived. So raise a glass on St. Paddy’s day to this sexy redhead – here’s to Kylie Ireland!


Brittany O’Connell: What to do when Irish eyes, other parts, are smiling

Posted on March 17th, 2009 in MILF,Porn People,Pornstars by Gram

Brittanny O'Connell
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I met Brittany O’Connell on the set of This Ain’t Married with Children XXX which I believe is the only porn title with the word “children” in it. We see her here with Eric Swiss. They play Peg and Al Bundy.

“I left the business for a few years,” O’Connell said, “and never thought I would come back.”

What changed your mind?

MILFs and Cougars,” she said. “It was like everything recharged. Whereas before a girl would get scared as she rounded 25, 26, now there’s a demands for women my age, and it’s great.”

While O’Connell looks like a feisty spitfire from Chicago or New York, she is a California native. And her Irishness speaks for itself.

We have no quotes from James Joyce or Brendan Behan with which to round out this St. Patrick’s Day story, but we will say we can see the map of Ireland on her face (with a map of Hawaii overlay).