User Review of the Day: Teen Times Two #3

Posted on December 29th, 2009 in GameLink,Porn Movies,Reviews by hunterlee

Most user reviews on GameLink are short, sweet and to the point: they’re usually single sentences saying things like “Hot” and “Tarra White can lick my balls any day” or “I didn’t know she was going to have a dick” or even “That movie sucked in a bad way”. Longer reviews tend to be left to the professional reviewers, intrepid porn-viewers that they are, who review movies not just for themselves but for posterity.

So it’s a surprise and a pleasure to find a user review longer than a few sentences, let alone this magnum opus.

Here’s an excerpt of my favorite review of the day from rickus, who kindly took time to share his thoughts on Teen Times Two #3.

This is the movie that motivated me to start writing reviews. A slateful of hot, hot, young girls who are completey into each other and tend to use the eventual cock as a prop. Well-lit and appropriate makeup (for a porno, that is…)

Scene 1 — Two girls, one guy
Scene begins with two bikini-clad brunettes playing in a white room full of bouncy balls (naturally). These girls are young, fit, shaved, and hot, each with smallish, but very nice, breasts. If you like your pornstars young (but not too young, of course), these are the girls for you. The balls (and the bikinis) are quickly discarded in favor of what appears to be a very pleasing dildo. As we move along, the man in black appears as a replacement for said dildo. Blow jobs ensue, followed by sex in all the requisite positions. The bouncy balls make a comeback. The scene ends with a spraying cum shot into touching tongues, followed by much PCSK…

Scene 4 — Two girls, one guy
Blonde and Brunette in pink-ish suits dancing around an indoor pool. Lots of kissing and groping. Another pair of drop-dead young things. No hair, no inhibitions, no regrets… A transluscent spiral striped dildo makes a quick appearance (and equally quick disappearance…) It looks like it might hurt, but it sounds like it doesn’t. When the girls get tired of the natatorium, they somehow wind up in a room with a large-cocked dude “asleep” on a couch. We deftly seque to some shared cock-sucking. These girls are so fucking hot. And hot fucking. What is it about the combination of pink (lingerie, lips) and brown (skin)? Magical. The cumshot is a 69 shot with the cock in the top girl, the bottom girl’s tongue all over the swollen fucked pussy. The throbbing cock emerges from a pink hairless pussy and fills up an open mouth. Nice amount of PCSK. This is the kind of scene that gives me hope…

DBJ — double blow job
SPLAF — Simultaeous pussy licking and fucking
PCSK — Post cum shot kissing

Editor’s note: Scene 1 stars Lucy Belle and Angelica Black (AKA Black Angelika) servicing David Perry; Scene 4 has Mick Blue servicing two unidentified hotties who are most likely of East European origin.

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